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No one values vision more than one who lost it.
No one cherishes sight more than one who lost and regained it.

Vision 2020 Germany is part of the global WHO campaign “VISION 2020 – The Right to Sight”, which explicitly deals with the right to eyesight - thus placing ophthalmologic care in the context of human rights. Vision 2020 aims at overcoming avoidable blindness worldwide, by the year 2020. Vision 2020 Germany seeks to promote this objective at the national and international level. We also want to broaden it by including the area of rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired in Vision 2020.
Vision 2020 Germany is a consortium of eight German associations and organisations, all active in the areas of “vision” and “blindness”. These are the following:

Planned action on Vision 2020 Germany’s international projects

We would like to introduce our plans for international projects. In the first phase, crucial points of these activities will be the support of collaboration at both the national and international level, with the aim of building up and expanding local coordination structures in developing countries.

Our activities focus on the following objectives:

  1. Educating the German public regarding the causes of blindness and the correlation between poverty and blindness, and mobilising additional resources in Germany
  2. Involving the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in VISION 2020 Germany
  3. Implementing practical projects:
    1. Establishing coordination committees with the following tasks:
      • Supporting partnerships between universities, hospitals and practices in Germany and abroad
      • Supporting partnerships between blind training centres and self-advocacy facilities
      • Coordinating the education and further education in the areas of ophthalmology and rehabilitation
      • Coordinating international assignments for German ophthalmologists
    2. Expanding existing ophthalmic infrastructures
  4. Empowering those concerned


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Planned action on Vision 2020 Germany’s international projects

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